Meet the Artisans

Sita Shrestha
Sita has been working as a knitter for over 20 years now and she is passionate about the need to continue the craft of hand knitting, which has been passed down through generations. She learned knitting from her mother, who learned it from her grandmother. Sita leads and takes responsibility for her team of 10 knitters. The women come to knit at Sita’s home after they are done with morning house chores on week days. Sita is a very social person who loves the constant flow of women who come in to seek her guidance to knit while chit chatting over milk tea about life – in general.
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Sajana is a highly skilled artisan, who is extremely passionate about her
craft. She lives in Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal with her husband
and 2 daughters in her ancestral home.
She feels empowered being employed with Pine Sky Studio, a group of
women working together and sharing skills and knowledge. Bulk of her
income is spent on education of her daughters. She has the freedom to
work from home taking care of her family and being close to them. She
enjoys trying new and challenging pattern and intricate embroideries
for us and we love her work.

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Rajeshwori learned knitting from her older sister as a hobby and
discovered it is something she really loves and enjoys so after
completion of high school- she started knitting full time.

Now in her thirties, Rajeshwori lives with her husband and their son in Pharping, a small village south of Kathmandu, Nepal.

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